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Huisartsenpraktijk Bovenkerk Westwijk
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Consultation GP’s and others


When you call to make an appointment the assistent will ask for the reason of your visit. Together you will decide about the urgency of your call. Generally the appoinment will be made for the same day. The doctor can only discuss one issue during the appointment. So if you would like to discuss more things, please ask the assistent for a double apppointment. It is also possible to send an e-mail to us for a consultation request. The assistent will contact you.

Consultation hour GP/huisarts– for all things you want to discuss with your GP.
Doctor Göbel has consultation hours every day. Doctor Ceylan has consultation hours every Thursday. The huisarts-in-opleiding (GP-trainee, a graduated doctor who is specializing for GP) is available for 3 days.

Consultation hour at one of our Praktijkondersteuners – for special medical conditions

  • diabetes
  • high bloodpressure
  • high cholesterol
  • heart and vascular diseases
  • mental and psychological questions

Consultation hour Assistent – for all kinds of ‘minor’medical conditions

  • smear
  • ear syringing
  • warts
  • remove sutures
  • support for stopping smoking